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Wholesale and export of different dried fruits

Wholesale and export dried fruits.Dried fruits

Dried fruits - is not only dried or jerked fruit, but also berries. Since ancient times, for save a large crop of useful and tasty fruit and berries and preparing future use of its, people around the world stocking them, exposing dried or sundried, in sun or shade. Currently for drying fruit in commercially applied dehydrator, machine that eliminates moisture from fruits and berries in the short term.

Some people believe that from fruits and berries by drying "evaporated" all useful vitamins and minerals, but it is not. On the contrary, dried fruit contains a concentrate of all the nutrients, which has ripe fruit or berry.

Besides direct consumption of dried fruits in the  food  it is widely used in cooking. Dried fruit is used for prepare fruits drinks,also added to baked goods and a variety of pastries, dried fruit mixture is added to the porridge and mueslis. So it is good in clinical nutrition. For example, tea made from dried rose hips or dried rowan is well to cold, figs and apricots help in cardiovascular diseases, prune use in diseases related to the gastrointestinal tract.

Useful information about the different dried fruits can be found on our website in "Interesting about berries and fruits."

Wholesale and export of dried fruits

Our company specializes in the wholesale of various dried fruits not only in Ukraine, we can provide dried fruit exports to the European Union, the countries of Asia and Russia. 

Here you can buy the following dried fruit:

Wholesale and export of rosehipsDried rose hips

Rosehips grown in the western regions of Ukraine. Crop 2013. Environmentally friendly, natural product. GMO free. Excellent fruits dried and cleaned of excess debris.



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