Wholesale and export different kinds of nuts

Sale of nuts grown in UkraineNuts

Nuts - an amazing and unique gift of nature to humanity. There is no nation in the world,where  nuts  didn`t take  special place  since ancient times. This is not surprising, because in addition to their taste and nutritional qualities, any kind of nut has its own unique set of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to human health. For example, hazelnut increases immunity and clears an organism, walnut has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system of a person, and cashew nuts helps to quickly recover after heavy physical exertion.

More information about the effects of nuts on our bodies, on how to grow and process the nuts you will find on our website in the "Articles about nuts."

Storage conditions

Of course, like any other fruit, to save its   properties and taste qualities nuts require special storage conditions. But if you follow a few simple rules then keep nuts is not difficult. Walnut is desirable to store unpeeled, in a room with constant temperature and low humidity, with good air circulation  then walnut long period of time will keep all its useful qualities. 

Wholesale of nuts

We sell various types of nuts not only in Ukraine, as well as carry out wholesale deliveries on a contract basis in the Baltic countries, Western Europe, Russia and Asia. The price of nuts depends on the region. To refine the cost of nuts you will need to complete the appropriate application form and our managers will contact you shortly.

With us you can buy the following types of nuts:

Wholesale  of Walnuts. Export.Wholesale of walnuts. Export. Walnut.

Grown and processed in Ukraine (mainly Zakarpatska, Ivano-Frankivsk and Odessa regions). Vintage 2013. . Environmentally friendly natural product. GMO free. The low moisture content. Different varieties and various sorting fractions.


Wholesale of HazelnutsWholesale of Hazelnuts. Export. Hazelnuts.

Grown in the South regions of Ukraine. Vintage 2013. Environmentally friendly natural product. GMO free. Excellent dried and has a low moisture content.


Wholesale of Cashew.Wholesale of Cashew. Cashew nuts.

Grown and processed in India, on the plantations in the states of Goa and Ponda. Has excellent taste. Possible direct shipments to various countries in Europe and Asia.