Wholesale and export of agricultural products

Sale of ukrainian agricultural productsUkraine - an agrarian country. Due to the moderate continental climate, plenty of sunshine days , valuable and fertile soil, even lazy farmer, little effort can get a good harvest. What can we say about the big farms where agricultural business organization is on a high level.

According to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine agricultural exports in 2013 amounted to about 17 billion dollars. It is two-thirds of the volume of total production in the country. But given that the management system in the country is far from perfect, and it is only on the public sector, the figure is much higher production of agricultural products.

Our company has its own farms, as well as a long time working with various manufacturers of quality agricultural products. And if you want to buy a natural, environmentally friendly, locally grown agricultural products in Ukraine, then you have come to the right place.

The successful conduct of foreign trade activities allow us to export all agricultural products to the European Union, Russia and Asia at very attractive prices for the buyer.

We offer the following AGROPRODUKTS:

 Sale and export of various kinds of nutsVarious kinds of nuts

Different varieties of processed and unprocessed Walnut. Processed and unprocessed Hazelnut. Cashew nut. All products are environmentally friendly, crop 2013.


sale and export of sunflower and pumpkin seedsPumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds

Processed and unprocessed sunflower seeds. Processed and unprocessed pumpkin seeds. Environmentally friendly. Grown in Ukraine. Crop production in 2013.


Sale and export of apples grown in UkraineApples

Different varieties of apples grown in the gardens of Ukraine and Poland. Environmentally friendly product. GMO free. Vintage 2013. All apples are calibrated and stored in conditions applicable to each class. Not covered by defenil.


Sale and export of corn grown in UkraineCorn

Different varieties of corn, grown in the fields of farms in different regions of Ukraine. Environmentally friendly, not genetically modified product. Vintage 2013.


Wholesale and export Dried fruitsDried fruits

Different fruits and berries collected and dried in our agricultural farms and farms of our partners. All dried fruits are with  excellent quality and are not treated with preservatives.


Wholesale and export of flax seedFlax seeds

Seeds of flax collected in agricultural farms  of Ukraine and Russia. Vintage 2013. Environmentally friendly product. GMO free. Dried for storage and transportation.